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Exclusive articles from Laren Eriksen

We are glad to share these articles written exclusively for us by Laren Eriksen with you. Our aim is to give you an extra bonus to our OfficeFIX file repair software. We hope you will find them helpful.

Test your vocab skills and fight world hunger!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I´d mention this great website that we have recently come across here at Cimaware. is a non-profit site dedicated to helping people to improve their vocabulary and fight world hunger at the same time.

DeleteFIX Photo: Accesibility, Usability, Innovation

Throughout our years of experience in the data recovery field, we at Cimaware Software have learned that accesibily and usability are the key ingredients to developing successful data recovery tools. Our newest program, DeleteFIX Photo for the recovery of deleted digital photos, follows our classic recipe for success plus adds something new to the mix.

Tips for better digital photos

We´ve just released our newest product DeleteFIX Photo, a deleted photo recovery software. To celebrate I thought I'd present some top tips for taking better digital photos. I hope you´ll give them a shot ;)

Microsoft´s Windows Live Translator Beta

Here at Cimaware Software we take great pride in our international clientele. We have sold our OfficeFIX programs to customers in more than 80 different countries and are in contact with clients, affiliates and resellers from all over the world, everyday. For this reason communicating with our clients and partners is the most important and exciting aspect of our daily work.

Free Photo Recovery with DeleteFIX Photo!

We're finishing up the Beta testing for our new product, DeleteFIX Photo, that we expect to launch in September. The DeleteFIX Photo utility recovers deleted photos from any camera and also restores photos from damaged disks. Our offer to recover your deleted photos for free is coming to an end so be sure to take advantage now!

Why do files become corrupt and how can corruption be prevented?

Our technical support department often receives emails from clients who want to know what caused their file to corrupt and what they can do to prevent corruption in the future. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question as the possible causes for file corruption are infinite. There are however a few common causes of data corruption and some steps you can take to prevent data loss as a result.

Welcome to the Cimaware Software Blog!

Hi there and welcome to the first the entry of the Office Expert blog, an exciting new project here at Cimaware. I will be updating regularly with news on Microsoft Office, data recovery and other related (and some unrelated :) ) topics. While you' re here in the Expert Zone, be sure to check out the great collection of articles we have on Microsoft Office programs written by some of the best known names in the online MS community.

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