Recover a file
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Using the demo edition on my corrupt Access database, it displays five tables named "Recovered Table (1-5)"

When the table says "Recovered Table #" instead of its original name, it means that the table entry in the index has been lost due to the corruption. The orphan records are grouped in a new table named "Recovered Table #."

I see some empty fields in the recovered file using the demo edition. Will the data be recovered in the registered edition?

No, if a field is empty it will be empty in the registered recovered version. Sometimes a file is not completely recovered because some data may be lost during the corruption of a file.

My data is on a disk and I get a "Stream read error."

Your files are on a damaged disk. The best thing you can do is retrieve the information as quickly as possible, since the corruption can only grow worse. Do not try to access the file in the damaged disk. Every time you try to access a damaged disk you are damaging the contents.

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