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This compilation comprises guides, tutorials and articles about repairing corrupt Microsoft Access accdb & mdb files.

Learn how to repair a damaged accdb or mdb file yourself:

  • You can't open a Microsoft Access database because it's corrupted.
  • A table or form has become inaccessible.
  • Some records in a table are blank.
  • Any problem related to corrupted databases.

Practical information provided by technicians, but intended for use by any Microsoft Access user.

10 data recovery tools for Microsoft Access files

By David Cimadevilla - Jun 4, 2020

Comparison of data recovery utilities for Microsoft Access accdb and mdb files. In-depth analysis with tests, feature charts, screenshots and videos.

Unrecognized database format

By David Cimadevilla - Nov 12, 2019

How I repaired 9 MS Access files that returned the error "Unrecognized database format". An article in the series "How I repaired 28 corrupt databases".

How to recover a MS Access table that has lost its definition

By David Cimadevilla - Jul 19, 2019

When a Microsoft Access database becomes corrupt and one of its tables loses its definition, all of its records will also be lost. The only way to recover them is to create a new definition or import a compatible one from another database.

How to repair files in MS Access using “Compact and Repair”

By David Cimadevilla - Jul 19, 2019

How to properly use "Compact and Repair" in a corrupt Microsoft Access file, and what to do if you can't get rid of all the errors.

How to find out if an MS Access database is irreversibly corrupt

By David Cimadevilla - Jul 19, 2019

A hexadecimal editor is the way to go if you have a corrupt Microsoft Access file and need to check the severity of the damage and the chances of recovering the data.

How to recover missing objects from a Microsoft Access database

By David Cimadevilla - Jul 19, 2019

When a Microsoft Access database becomes corrupted, some tables, forms, reports or Visual Basic modules may disappear and become completely inaccesible. Nevertheless, they could still be recoverable.

How to repair a Microsoft Access database by using “Import”

By David Cimadevilla - Jul 19, 2019

Step-by-step mini-tutorial on how to use “Import” to repair a corrupt Microsoft Access database.

How to recover deleted tables and other objects from an MS Access database

By David Cimadevilla - Jul 19, 2019

How to recover tables, forms, reports, queries or Visual Basic code, that have been deleted from a Microsoft Access database.

How I repaired 28 corrupt Microsoft Access databases

By David Cimadevilla - Jul 19, 2019

The steps I took to repair 28 corrupt Microsoft Access files. How I identified each case and chose the appropriate repair technique by analyzing the file and looking at the error message. Research project.

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