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Does OutlookFIX recover erased emails (or deleted from the deleted emails folder)?

Yes, OutlookFIX recovers corrupted .pst files and deleted emails. The best way to make sure it recovers all the data you need is to try our free demo available.

My data is on a disk and your program cannot access the file/gives a "Stream read error."

Your files are on a damaged disk. The best thing you can do is retrieve the information as quickly as possible since the corruption can only grow worse. Do not try to access the file in the damaged disk, every time you try to access a damaged disk you are damaging the contents. Contact us so we can tell you what to do.

I get this message when attempting recover: "Error connecting to Outlook."

Microsoft Outlook must be installed for the recovery process to run. Make sure you are performing the recovery on a machine with Microsoft Outlook.

Does OutlookFIX recover Outlook Express files?

Currently we do not recover .ost files.

Can I split my PST files?

You can limit the size of the recovered files in OutlookFIX by going to Options->File size. Once the recovered file exceeds the size you have chosen, OutlookFIX will create one or more files to save the remaining data.

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