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What are the demo's limitations?

The demo editions of the programs will only show a partial view of the information that can be recovered from the corrupt file. A portion of the recovered information will be concealed with the word "DEMO." When the file is recovered by the purchased edition of the program, this hidden information will be recovered in its entirety. The demo edition cannot save the recovered file. Only WordFIX has an active save feature but it will save the file with information concealed by the word "DEMO."

I see a lot of "DEMO" in the recovered file with the demo edition. Will there be data instead of demos in the paid edition?

Exactly. Text or fields that are hidden by the word "DEMO" will be recovered by the purchased edition.

I have run your demo but can't tell if WordFIX can help me because I get no text at all showing up from the recovered file.

Our demo edition shows you all the information that has been left in the file after the corruption, hiding some text and replacing it with the caption 'DEMO'. If our demo edition shows a blank sheet I'm afraid that means all the information has been lost.

My data is on a disk and your program cannot access the file. The program gives a "Stream read error."

Your files are on a damaged disk. The best thing you can do is retrieve the information as quickly as possible since the corruption can only grow worse. Do not try to access the file in the damaged disk, every time you try to access a damaged disk you are damaging the contents. Contact us so we can tell you what to do.

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