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How do I download the purchased edition?

When you purchase a Cimaware Software product, you will have immediate access to the download instructions and activation code.

How do I download my free updates?

You can download updates of the program by using the "update" option within the program itself. Registered customers have access to free program updates for one year after purchase (Professional edition). After that time period has expired, there will be an opportunity to purchase a license extension for a fraction of the total cost of the program.

I need to activate the software offline.

Right click on your activation screen and copy your hardware code. Enter it on the off-line activation page at your user's control panel. You will get an activation text.

I'm a registered user but want to change the program to another computer. I get an activation error.

A single user license of the software can be successfully installed on one computer. If you wish to install the program on a second computer, you will first need to deactivate it on the original. Please contact the sales team for deactivation instructions.

I have Mac OS X with Microsoft Office. Can your software recover those files?

WordFIX will repair documents created with Word for Macintosh but the utility itself will only run on a Windows operating system. There is no Mac version of the program. You can transfer the Mac file onto a Windows computer that has the program installed but you cannot use the program on Mac OS X.

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