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Video: Recovering a database in 3 minutes

Access database repair software

  • AccessFIX is the best tool to repair a corrupt Microsoft® Access database. AccessFIX can also undelete Access database records and tables and remove user permissions from protected databases.
  • AccessFIX is the only program that recovers tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, modules, relations, the referential integrity, primary and secondary indexes, field properties, non-western characters, and absolutely all field types including Memo, OLE and high precision numbers (Decimal).
  • You will perform the recovery in only 5 minutes, safely and confidentially in your own computer.
  • It works with Microsoft® Access 365, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP), 2000, 97 and 95.

What problems does AccessFIX solve?

  • Access shows an error and does not let you open the database. AccessFIX will solve your problem when you are unable to open a corrupt Access database.
  • You can open your Access database file but it shows errors or does not work properly.
  • You have accidentally erased tables or records and you want to get them back.
  • You have lost your file's password.

Why is AccessFIX the best solution in the market?

It is the only program that recovers all objects and the important details in an Access file. Over many years of continuous updating result in the solution with the best quality, reliability and speed. Here are some of the reasons that make AccessFIX a unique product:

  • All field types. AccessFIX is the only program that recovers absolutely every type of field. It is the only one, for example, that can correctly recover high precision numbers (Decimal).
  • Accurate table structure. AccessFIX is the only application that recreates all table details, including all indexes, relations, the referential integrity, properties (default values, input masks, comments, etc) and all types of fields.
  • Accurate table contents. AccessFIX will solidly recover the records of the tables. Memos and images are always restored and field contents are not mixed up as it occurs with other software applications.
  • Recovery of linked tables. AccessFIX is the only tool that recovers linked tables accurately in Access.
  • All objects. AccessFIX is one of the few programs that recovers queries, forms, reports, macros and Visual Basic modules.
  • Referential integrity. AccessFIX is the only program that recovers the referential integrity of the database. This important element will be lost if AccessFIX is not the program you choose to perform the recovery.
  • Access undelete function. AccessFIX is one of the few solutions that will undelete microsoft Access records and undelete tables. Only AccessFIX saves the undeleted information in a separate table.
  • The fastest. Even with large database files AccessFIX will complete the database recovery in seconds.
  • Non-western texts. AccessFIX is the only software that correctly recovers non-western characters. It recovers Unicode in every case and in every location in the file.

Why is AccessFIX a safe solution?

  • Confidentiality. With AccessFIX your files never leave your PC. The entire recovery process is performed safely in your own computer.
  • Free evaluation. You can evaluate the program before you decide to purchase the software. The program's viewer lets you see detailed results of the recovered database before you buy. AccessFIX is the only one that includes all objects in its preview including queries, forms, reports, and more.
  • Money-back guarantee. You will have your data or your money back.
  • Qualified support. If you need assistance at any time we will be there to help. We are proud to provide the absolute best personalized and qualified customer and technical support.
  • Virus-free and spyware free. All our products are digitally signed to guarantee their source. AccessFIX is the only software of its kind that includes a digital signature that will confirm its true source. You can check the signature by right-clicking on the installation file and selecting the option Properties.
  • Without modifying the original file. AccessFIX does not modify in any way the original file which guarantees that there will be no further damage to the file.
  • An established solution. We have been improving the OfficeFIX suite for eight years. Our experience together with our customers' feedback, has allowed us to keep increasing the capabilities of AccessFIX to recover all types of file damage that can occur in an Access database.
  • No surprises. The technique used in repairing an Access database consists in regenerating it in its entirety piece by piece. This requires complex reverse engineering operations. If not performed correctly the resulting file will lose many of its objects and original details. Only with AccessFIX you will sure to have recovered all the objects and the important details in the file.

How does AccessFIX repair corrupt Access database files in 5 minutes?

We have put a lot of effort into creating an automated system that allows you to recover your data in only 5 minutes, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You have two options:

Option 1

Evaluate, purchase and recover your files:

  1. Install: Download and install the free demo of the program you need.
  2. Recover: Select and recover your file.
  3. Check: Check the recovery results in the program viewer.
  4. Purchase: Click on the button to get the activation code. It will take you to the purchase page of our website. You will immediately receive an activation code by email.
  5. Save: Insert your activation code in the program and finish the recovery. Save the recovered file to your computer.

Option 2

Purchase and recover your files:

  1. Purchase: Make your purchase through our website and you will automatically receive an email with the activation code and a link to download the program.
  2. Install: Download and install the program. Click on the activate button and insert your code.
  3. Recover: Select and recover your file.
  4. Save: Save your recovered file to your computer.

Do you have any questions?

Ask our customer service team. We answer your questions and get back to you in less than an hour during office hours.

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