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We have invited selected experts to write exclusive articles about Microsoft Office for us. We publish these articles as a free added extra to our file repair tools. We hope you will find them helpful.

Bill Jelen

Bill Jelen is the host of

Bill Jelen is known internationally as "Mr. Excel" His web site contains a searchable knowledge base of over 135,000 Excel questions and answers. He solves 277 Excel mysteries in his newest book, "Learn Excel from Mr Excel".

Bill Jelen is the co-author of Pivot Table Data Crunching and 14 other books about Microsoft Excel.

Masaru Kaji (Colo)

Masaru Kaji (better known as Colo) is a computer systems manager for a sports equipment manufacturer.

He became a Microsoft Excel Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Year 2004. He is an expert on Ms Excel and on his homepage you can find more information and tips on MS Excel.

JMT Excel Consulting provides you with custom Excel solutions to suit your needs.

Jamie Czernik

Jamie Czernik is the webmaster of Jamie’s Software providing downloads, articles and tips for MS Access developers.

He has developed a number of applications, including an image management package and a water & sewerage compliance program ( for use in the US. He established Jamie’s Software over 4 years ago and has been helping Access developers with downloads, articles and tips ever since.

Please visit Jamie’s Software for more MS Access downloads, articles and tips.

Steve Link

Steve Link is the principal of Link 'Em Up, a computer consulting company located in Lucama, North Carolina.

Steve Link has over fifteen years of experience supporting users of all levels from beginner to power user. You will recognize him as a top five contributor to the Experts Exchange forum on Outlook. Steve holds an A+ Certification and the MS Office Specialist certification for Outlook. He has also written multiple business management programs including Booking Agent (sports assignment software) and Bail Bond (bail bond business management).

Steve Link is the author of Booking Agent and Bail Bond software. His website, Link 'Em Up, is your source for support on Microsoft Office components along with custom programming projects to enhance your business.

Bernd Held

Bernd Held is a software developer and an author of Excel and Access Books.

Six years ago he became an Excel Most Valuable Professional. He is specialized in Excel, VBA-programming, Access, Word, Works, Windows, Frontpage, Internet Explorer, HTML and digital photography.

For more information about Excel, Excellinks, Excel-Tools and Add-Ins, Articles, Macros and VBA-Programming visit Held-Office.

Ray Blake

Ray Blake is Head of Software Design for GR Business Process Solutions, a UK based consultancy.

He creates a range of IT solutions, primarily using Excel, Access and VBA.

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge has been a Microsoft MVP for Excel since 1999. His experience in Excel dates back to Excel V5.

Nick comes from near Southampton in the United Kingdom and makes his living outside of the industry, running the UK division of Burnsville, MN based Northern Tool + Equipment. His main interests in Excel cover Pivot Tables, External Data and VBA.

Nick Hodge’s Excel site on the user interface of Excel, how to control it through VBA and several Tips and Tricks.

Andy Pope

Andy Pope is a computer programmer for a data processing bureau located in London.

In 2004 and 2005 Andy was recognized by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional for his contributions to the Excel community.

Andy maintains a website with a focus on Excel charting.

Eric Legault

Eric Legault is an Outlook MVP, a professional consultant/developer for Imaginet Resources, and the founder of the micro-ISV Collaborative Innovations which is focused on building solutions for Outlook, Exchange and SharePoint.

View picture thumbnails and slideshows easily in Outlook with Picture Attachments Wizard.

David Horowitz

David Horowitz is the lead developer and co-founder with his wife Bonnie of Soundside, Inc., located on the beautiful Long Island Sound near New York City.

David was educated at the University of Pennsylvania, began his career at Microsoft, and has been a freelance software consultant since 1991, working in .NET, C#, VB.NET, C++, assembler, Visual Basic, and Office VBA. David is a database expert, working mostly in Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Microsoft Access. He has developed web-based applications using HTML, XML, ASP, ASP.NET and ActiveX controls. Soundside’s clients are leaders in their industries, including pharmaceutical, scientific, manufacturing, technical, and legal. David is a regular contributor to online ezines on the subject of software development. He has a talent for making difficult subjects easy to understand. David can be contacted at [email protected]. Check out Soundside’s web site at

At Soundside’s web site you’ll be able to register for Soundside’s newsletter and browse Soundside’s tools and utilities for Microsoft Office.

Kristie Tamsevicius

Kristie Tamsevicius is the founder of, a national organization for work at home parents and, her online branding firm.

Kristie Tamsevicius is a marketing phenomenon whose brand of business advice has been featured on television, radio shows, and magazines across the country. She is also a featured panellist on the USA Today panel of small business experts. She is also the author of several books including "I Love My Life: A Mom's Guide to Working from Home" and "More Build it Big: 101 Direct Selling Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts".

Kristie Tamsevicius, is the author of "I Love My Life: A Mom's Guide to Working from Home"! Thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs have used her step-by-step home business system to earn money working from home. Get a free ecourse Home Business Success Secrets.

Keith Mast

Keith Mast is an Independent Computer Consultant from Norristown, PA, specializing in database development using MS Access. He is also an adjunct faculty member at Montgomery County Community College.

Contact the author at [email protected].

Mike Seddon

Mike Seddon is the creator of The site contains many free tips for all the Microsoft Office applications, not just Microsoft Word. Each week he issues a new tip through his free weekly newsletter. He has written many articles on getting the most out of your Office applications.

Click Here to get your free Microsoft Office tips and tricks.

Ken Puls

Ken Puls, CMA, is the principal of; a website dedicated to providing Excel tips and Microsoft Office consulting services.

Ken is a Certified Management Accountant, and is employed as the Accounting Supervisor/Systems Administrator at a resort. He contributes his Excel knowledge and expertise in a variety of online forums, and also runs his own MS Office consulting service, specializing in automation of routine tasks in Excel, Word, Outlook and Powerpoint. Consulting Services can automate your routine office tasks, saving yourself time and money!

Manju Achintha

Achintha Manju is Operations Manager of Fortunum Investments Ltd. –

Fortunum Investments Ltd. is based in Dubai and provides corporate and private incorporation services for business investors. Many companies in high-tax countries are moving to Dubai to completely eliminate taxes. Fortunum Investments Ltd. specializes in providing companies and self-employed professionals to move their business to Dubai to protect assets and eliminate taxes.

100% Tax Free – fast and easy incorporation with residence visa.

Jeff Lenning

Mr. Lenning, CPA and AICPA designated Certified IT Professional, is a national speaker providing continuing education to CPAs on technology related topics including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

The Journal of Accountancy and other publications have featured many of Mr. Lenning´s technology related articles. He is a member of the California CPA Society Technology Committee, and is the current chair for the California CPA OCLB Chapter Technology Committee. In 2000, he founded Click Consulting, a technology consulting firm which specializes in network support and web-application development.

Click Consulting provides web application development and network support services.

Jayaram Krishnaswamy

Dr. Jay Krishnaswamy, a graduate of the IISC Bangalore, writes extensively on database and web related topics to several web sites.

Before working in the IT industry as a MCT and a Siebel consultant he taught and researched at several post-graduate institutions and national laboratories in India, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Brazil , Canada, and USA.

Jayaram Krishnaswamy is a US based freelance technical writer for several web sites on database and web related articles. He has recently completed the Beginners Guide to SQL Server Integration Services Using Visual Studio 2005 that will be available in December 2007.

Beginners Guide to SQL Server Integration Services Using Visual Studio 2005 provides you with the basic knowledge that you should have before you move on to more advanced ETL [Extraction, Transformation, and Loading]. The book will also provide you with a comprehensive description of the many designer windows that you may encounter while working with the designer. This guide provides the building blocks describing each block by way of an example as well as describing the nuts and bolts that bind the blocks. A majority of SSIS tasks are covered in this book and they are described fully in the summary of table contents section. You start building packages right from Chapter 2 and continue on to Chapter 20 gathering and building upon your knowledge in each step.

Greg Maxey

Greg Maxey has been a Microsoft Word Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2002. He is is an active duty U.S. Naval Officer and Microsoft Word hobbyist. In his spare time Greg enjoys the mental challenge of providing solutions to Microsoft Word user questions posted on internet user groups.
To see more of Greg's self proclaimed eclectic Microsoft Word Tips be sure to visit his website

Laren Eriksen

Laren Eriksen de Figueroa has been part of the Cimaware Software team since 2003. She works closely with both the programmers and users of the OfficeFIX product line and has acquired great experience and a keen interest in the Microsoft Office programs. Laren applies her MS Office know-how to Cimaware´s Expert Zone where she coordinates with authors, posts important news items, and regularly contributes to the Cimaware Blog. In her free time, Laren enjoys Macrobiotic cooking, travelling and learning French.

Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner, The Software Magician, is a contributing writer, teacher, coach, consultant, and radio show host. He teaches business professionals and entrepreneurs how to get peace of mind and overcome technical overwhelm by working faster and smarter with their technology and software in day-to-day business.

Get Simple Online Answers to Your Toughest Outlook Problems.

Dennis Wallentin

XL-Dennis is an independent consultant company, situated in Östersund Sweden. The company offers advanced MS Excel consultancy and solution development. XL-Dennis was founded by Dennis Wallentin who has been developing MS Excel solutions since the 1980’s. Dennis has a Masters in Business Management & Accounting. XL-Dennis utilizes MS Excel and other tools to develop professional business solutions. XL-Dennis delivers solutions for all sizes of companies including the public sector in both Sweden and internationally.

Bill Wade

Bill Wade has parlayed a long time passion for computers, a fascination with the internet and love of digital photography into diverse activities, including his own web sites. One of those sites discusses web site building, creating digital slideshows, and crafting Ebooks.

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