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We are glad to share these articles written exclusively for us by Eric Legault with you. Our aim is to give you an extra bonus to our OutlookFIX email recovery software. We hope you will find them helpful.

Getting a Handle on Your E-mails with VBA

One of the trickiest things to get used to for developers new to Outlook programming, and even those with some experience, is figuring out how to get programmatic access to various items at various times. There are built-in methods to get this access, but sometimes the problem lies in determining which is the proper object to automate.

Building Professional Outlook Applications

Outlook, like the other applications in the Microsoft Office suite, can be extended quite capably by most users who are relatively comfortable working with VBA macros. Many people have written themselves some handy procedures to help automate a few moderately difficult day-to-day tasks. However, when these kinds of solutions grow in scope to become useful for more people than just yourself they are better implemented as a COM Add-In.

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