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Affiliate program

Join Cimaware Software's affiliate program

Cimaware Software's affiliate program is free to join. Sell one or all of your favorite Cimaware Software products right from your own website and start earning cash commissions today. Any sale referred from your website will earn a commission. If you choose to advertise a particular product but the customer ends up buying a different one you still get credited with the sale, even if the customer does not buy at that particular moment. We will track sales for up to a month after the visitor has clicked on your link.

Free to join and easy to set up

This is how it works. Place a text link or a banner on your website and we will pay you for each sale referred by your website. Our software will keep track of each person coming from your website that visits our website. This is what you have to do:

  • Fill in the application form. Once approved we will send you the link you need, which you can place anywhere on your website.
  • Your visitors click on the link and buy from Cimaware Software.
  • You earn a set amount per sale: 15%.

How you receive payments

When someone you have referred purchases a product, we will record that sale. You can check your current balance at any time through your affiliate control panel. Periodically, we will send you the accumulated earnings through PayPal.

Non-qualifying activities and websites

  • SPAM. Affiliates must agree NOT TO SEND UNSOLICITED or SPAM email to promote Cimaware Software products.
  • Unacceptable contents. We do not allow websites that promote sexually explicit material or violence, discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, and physical disability, or illegal activities.
  • Credit card fraud. Artificially generating fictitious sales to earn commissions fraudulently is prohibited. If this is your intention, be aware that we take active measures against such crime and so far we have never paid a cent to a fraudster.

Violation of any of these rules will mean the immediate termination of your account, with cancellation of any pending commissions.


Commission rate: 15%.

If you want to become a Cimaware affiliate, please fill out the application form. If you are already an approved affiliate, you can log in here.

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