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What are the demo's limitations?

You should download the demo edition to diagnose your file. ExcelFIX will recover all of the valid information from your corrupt file and save it into a new and trouble free file. The only difference between the demo edition and the purchased edition is that you can't save the file. Some of the information contained in the file could have been erased during the corruption of the file. The purchased edition will only recover that information left in the file after the corruption.

Why do Excel files get corrupted?

The problem usually is caused when some parts of the Excel document are replaced by garbage. This could occur due to many reasons: an unexpected system turn-off, a virus, a hardware failure in the RAM or hard disk drive or many others. The exact cause of the corruption cannot be determined, only what portions of the file are damaged. It is impossible to guarantee that corruption will not occur again. ExcelFIX will give you the added security you need to recover corrupt files in the future.

Why is my recovered Excel file showing a screen that is in black?

The problem is that some of the formatting in the file is corrupted. There is an easy solution. Since the demo version does not allow you to save the data in a new file you would have to first purchase ExcelFIX. Once the file is recovered and saved in a new Excel file all you would have to do is select the spreadsheet and change the cell colour from black to automatic or white. The only thing that is happening is that both the cell and the cell content are in black.

Why is ExcelFIX not saving the formulas? It displays them all fine in the preview, but then doesn't save them.

Please check that this saving option is enabled: "save formulas instead of values."

When I recovered the file I found that new, blank worksheets were created as "unknown."

If there is a break in a sheet because a piece of the file is corrupted, the second part is stored in a new sheet with no name (unknown).

Although my data is completely restored some of the formats are somewhat changed.

ExcelFIX restores corrupt files by reading the data left in the file after it has been damaged. Sometimes some of the formats are missing and ExcelFIX has to recreate an approximation of those formats. The changes are not major and this only occurs with some corruptions.

My data is on a disk and I get a "Stream read error".

Your files are on a damaged disk. The best thing you can do is retrieve the information as quickly as possible since the corruption can only grow worse. Do not try to access the file in the damaged disk. Every time you try to access a damaged disk you are damaging the contents. Contact us so we can tell you what to do.

With ExcelFIX some links to other sheets in the workbook show #REF! in the recovered file.

The cells with #¡REF! contained links to sheets that have been lost due to the corruption. Other cells pointing to the mentioned cell will also show #¡REF!. Based on your knowledge of the file, you can reconstruct the lost sheets in which case the cells will automatically correct themselves. If you have questions regarding this, please feel free to contact our technical support department.

Some of my text has been replaced with "lost string."

Your file has suffered a lost string corruption and for this reason "Lost Strings" appears in many of the cells. Due to the corruption, the text listing in your file has been broken into several parts or is missing. As a result, the reference system between the cell information and the text listing becomes invalid. The "Lost Strings" feature will allow you to reconstruct the reference system between both. Once it is reconstructed each text will return to its original cell. The recovery of Lost Strings is not an automatic feature of the program and requires both knowledge of the file as well as an understanding of how Excel saves information in a file.

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