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How long will it take after purchase to receive my download instructions?

For credit card payments you will receive your download instructions immediately. Bank transfer (swift) payments may take 2-7 days. We will send the download instructions as soon as we receive a proof of the transfer.

Do you have multi-licensing available?

On our ordering page you will find most license types. If you would like to ask about site licenses, global licenses please contact our customer service team.

Do you have educational discounts?

Yes, we do but they are not listed. Please Contact Us to apply for an educational discount.

Do I save by ordering OfficeFIX instead of an individual program?

Yes, you do. In some cases you can save over 50% of the price of each individual program. You also receive all of the same benefits as you would for purchasing the programs separately, such as free technical support and updates.

Do I get a CD with the program?

No, all our products are downloads (ESD). When you purchase a program we will send you download instructions for the purchased edition and your user information. This system is much faster and will allow you to have the program installed and working in your computer only a few minutes after you order the product.

What kind of privacy policy do you have?

Our policy is to keep the personal information we receive from our sites completely confidential and used solely for internal purposes. We will not share your personal information with any other parties.

What kind of credit card ordering safety do you offer?

Our payment service provider is Stripe, a global company based in San Francisco, California.

Payment data is entered into an integrated field that is an iframe hosted directly on Stripe's servers. Therefore, that data never goes through our server. Delegating security to a major payment company is the best way to protect the privacy and security of your payment data.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

We do have a money back policy, however each refund request is handled personally by a customer service manager to insure the request is due to one of the following reasons:

  • The customer has purchased the wrong product and wishes to place the correct order.
  • The program does not perform as advertised and the technical team could not recover the data.
  • A problem with the software, system incompatibility or a bug in the system that could not be corrected by the technical team in a timely manner.
  • Any cause other than the above mentioned that the customer service manager considers a valid reason for a refund.

I need to talk to someone in technical support.

Technical support is offered via email only. Go to the contact us section to send your question or read this FAQ list to see if you can find the solution to your problem.

How do I download the purchased edition?

When you purchase a Cimaware Software product, we will send you the download instructions. You will also receive your user information and your activation code.

I'm a registered user but want to change the program to another computer.

A single user license of the software can be successfully installed on one computer. If you wish to install the program on a second computer, you will first need to deactivate it on the original. Please contact the sales team for deactivation instructions.

Is there a trial edition that has full functionality?

No, we do not offer a full functionality trial version. We do have a free demo download that will allow you to assess the recovery capabilities of the software.

I need to download the latest version of the program but I have lost my registration email.

If you have lost the registration email you can make the program check for updates each time you start it by activating the automatic "check for updates" feature. You may also contact us through our Contact us page.

I have Mac OS X with Microsoft Office. Can OfficeFIX recover my files?

The OfficeFIX programs will repair documents created with Office for Macintosh but the utility itself will only run on a Windows operating system. There is no Mac version of the program. You can transfer the Mac file on to a Windows computer that has the program installed but you cannot use the program on Mac OS X.

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