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Is there a trial edition that has full functionality?

No, we do not offer a full functionality trial version. We do have a free demo download that will allow you to assess the recovery capabilities of the software but not save the recovered file, except for WordFIX which does allow you to save the file but with some words substituted with the word "DEMO."

Why is there a chance that a file is not completely recovered?

The file is corrupted. This means that some parts of it may have been replaced by "erroneous data." The amount of erroneous data depends on the particular corruption the file suffered. Although in most cases the entire file is recovered, there is a chance that the file is empty, erased by a corruption or contains only "garbage" or invalid data. If this happens the data cannot be recovered since it is no longer in the file.

How can I know if my file has extensive damage?

You can open your file with a binary editor such as Ultraedit ( or Windows notepad to see the raw data content of the file. If a large portions of your file only contain 0s (zeros) it means that part of the file has been lost.

I need to talk to someone in technical support.

Technical support is offered via email only. Go to the contact us section to send your question or read this FAQ list to see if you can find the solution to your problem.

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