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We are glad to share these articles written exclusively for us by Manju Achintha with you. Our aim is to give you an extra bonus to our ExcelFIX file repair software. We hope you will find them helpful.

Split Full Name Into Two Columns with First Name and Last Name

Introduction I have often come across lists of names and addresses in Microsoft Excel where the first name and the last name is entered in one field as "FULL NAME." I know all the database administrators and CRM admins will be groaning at the sight of another database that has first and last names in the same column. Recently, I was given a database with over 35,000 names where the first and last name were in a single column. Fortunately with MS-Excel, you can very quickly fix this problem.

Conditional functions in Excel

In this lesson we will look at how to combine the information in multiple worksheets using one of Excel's least used features: the conditional functions . The power these functions bring to the user is enormous. They let you take the information in one sheet and analyse it against the information in another sheet.

Excel Tutorial, Lessons 1 and 2

Ever wonder how large corporations ran their accounts before the days of accounting software? If you guessed Spreadsheet Software, give yourself a pat on the back. It wasn't called MS-Excel back then (Bill Gates was still in his nappies… or just growing facial hair) – it had other names; like VisiCalc (for those who were around at that time) Lotus (I was surely around for this one) etc.

De-duplicating cells in Excel-Solution 3

One frequent requirement in Excel is to check for duplicates while you are entering data into a spreadsheet.

De-duplicating cells in Excel-Solution 2

Continuing from the first example for de-duplicating cells in Excel, we see here a different problem that requires a different solution.

De-duplicating cells in Excel-Solution 1

While working with databases in Microsoft Excel - yes, you heard me right... Excel is perhaps the best database tool that you can START off with - it gives you the flexibility to explore while not having to deal with all the constraints placed by traditional database software. If you are about to import some data into your CRM system, it pays to have a look at the data inside Excel, just to make sure that everything looks OK before proceeding.

How to use Excel macros to format harvested information

Every business needs customers to sell to. The more prospects you have in your database, the more the chances of closing a sale. The internet is full of directories that contains the names and contact details of potential customers. The problem that most business face is getting this contact information into their database.

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