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Exclusive articles from Steve Link

We are glad to share these articles written exclusively for us by Steve Link with you. Our aim is to give you an extra bonus to our OutlookFIX email recovery software. We hope you will find them helpful.

The Cleanup Macro

I recently had a problem with autoarchive which probably exists in all large corporations with lower end users. We have an email cleanup initiative underway and a user took emails that were quite a few years old and moved them into individual folders. Doing that changed the Modify date on them.

Chart Copying Macro in Excel

This Excel 2003 macro code copies charts that exist on individual sheets onto one sheet, sizes them, and previews for printing. It then blanks out the sheet used for consolidation so it is ready for the next time. It works quite well for consolidating multiple charts onto one sheet for printing purposes.

The Import/Export Option in Ms Outlook

Have you ever needed to import an Outlook contact list from Excel format? Have you had a need to send someone your contact list to be used in another email program?

Exploding a Single Email

The macro and explanations shown below are pulled directly from my book – "Link Em Up On Outlook."

You Too Can Be an Outlook Specialist

Have you heard of the Outlook Specialist certification? This is a "diploma" that certifies your knowledge of the Microsoft Outlook program. It is an indicator to your employer and others of the undeniable expertise you have for the Outlook program. This article will briefly cover a very useful subject that is in the exam and will guide you to other resources to prepare your study for the Outlook Specialist certification.

Have you been linked

"Link Em Up On Outlook" (ISBN 1932802010) was written to help MS Outlook users of all levels become more comfortable with the many useful features of the program. The version used here is Outlook 2003 with SP1 applied.

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