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What To Do With All Those Digital Pictures


Bill Wade

One of the most significant benefits of having a digital camera is the ability to shoot shot after shot without having to be concerned with, or being crippled by, exorbitant film developing costs. A problem develops, however. Once your camera's flash media storage card is full, what do you do with the pics?

I take hundreds (OK, really thousands) of digital shots. Family, friends, renovations, pets, wildlife, nice trees, beautiful fall leaves....all the time my digital camera's clicking away, and it seems that I've always got batteries for it on recharge.

Here's what I do when my camera's media storage device is getting full.

On my computer I simply make a picture directory ( many operating systems will have already made you a directory for your pictures) on my hard drive. In that main picture directory I'll make a folder for each month of the year.

Then, during that month, anytime my camera's storage card starts to get full, I simply offload those pictures into the appropriate month folder on the computer's hard drive.

On wet, cold, miserable fall or winter days it's a joy to sit in front of the computer reviewing the pictures taken and stored there. And, since the photos are stored in the folder for the month they were taken, it's not hard to place myself back in those moments since I know when they took place to within the month, regardless of how many years ago that event took place.

It's during those quiet times that I delete those photos that don't suit; perhaps out of focus, too many of the same close up of the know. :-)

At the same time I'll create sub folders within the month folders, if I have a number of shots of a particular event or theme.

Many of those photos I'll turn into slide shows for all to share at the same time, since my slide shows are set up to play on our living room DVD player, through the TV. Everyone gets to see the photos at the same time, and, I often add music or voice over.

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