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Website ranking made easy with Advanced Web Ranking


Cimaware Software

There are three major activities related to any online marketing efforts once you have a site online and ready to go. They are all related to the main goal of getting positioned in search engine results for the keyword related to your business.

If you are new to terms such as SEO, keyword research or search engine ranking, don't worry. You don't necessarily need to be an expert to do a good job positioning your web site. There are tools designed specifically to assist you in your marketing efforts.

I will begin by explaining the three major challenges involved in your campaign:

  1. Keyword research: You need to know exactly what terms people are searching for when they are looking for a business such as yours. Using your own imagintation is not enough. You actually need to use tools that will tell you exactly what people type in their browsers, as well as how many people are doing it. You will use these keywords to optimize your site by including them in your title and in the content of your site.

  2. you also need links, other sites that point to your site, preferably with those keywords in the link. this can be done by submitting your site to the large amount of directories that exist, and by getting other sites to point to yours. This sometimes is done by exchanging the favor. Once you have made sure your site contains your target keywords and you are regularly building up your incoming links you will be set on your way to success.

  3. You need to monitor your efforts and check the search engine results regularly with each and everyone of the keywords related to your site to see if your efforts are paying off.

Now all this may sound like a lot of work, and it is. But it can be made much easier if you use the right tools. I have used many tools in the past, mostly a combination of different ones, one for each job. Some were good and some were simply bad. From all the tools that I have tried one stands out for its simplicity and range of functions. I am talking about Advanced Web Ranking, a software tool (or collection of tools considering its large amount of functions) that will assist you in all three major activities regarding your online marketing efforts.

Advanced Web Ranking fills all three needs for your campaign. First it will assist you with your research with its Advanced Web Ranking, allowing you to create a list of related keywords easily and in little time. It integrates two of the most important tools into one, Wordtracker and Google suggest. This allows you to create a comprehensive list very easily.

Once you have used these keywords to include them in your site's content you can go back to Advanced Web Ranking and compare your keyword density to that of your major competitors with the Keyword analyzer function. That means you can compare to other sites that rank well to see what they are doing right. You can apply changes to your site accordingly.

The next step is submitting to different web site directories. This is also something you can do with the tool. It includes a guided submission to 400 directory sites. This can save you hours upon hours of work. The research is already done for you and all you have to do is send in your site information.

As I mentioned before finding sites that could link to you is very important. The application lets you find these sites by analyzing the linking structure of your competitors. This is almost impossible to do manually.

Once you have spent some time promoting your site you will need to evaluate your results. Go to one of the major search engines and type in every single keyword and check to see where your site appears. Well if you do that manually it could take you a day just to see where you stand. Your search engine ranking is your major goal so this is a must if you want to know how you are doing. Advanced Web ranking will do that for you. Here is probably where I was finally sold on this product, for two major reasons. It uses web APIs, which means it is considerate towards search engines. This is important because you do not want to make a search engine ban you for your efforts. Other tools are not as good when it comes to this so be really careful about the software you use. The second reason I believe Advanced Web Rankings stands out from the rest is that the results of the website ranking it does are accurate. If you compare a manual search with the automated search the results you get are the same. This is not true for other Software solutions at all.

I have only mentioned here some of the major functions included in the program. Other features include the creation of custom made reports, cheduling, and a project manager that lets you organize your efforts. There are many other functions included. I recommend you check the out for yourself with the one month trial version of the program.

All in all if you are serious about making your site prominent in the search engines this tool is a must have software download. Being in the software business ourselves we now a good tool when we see one.

You can read more about this tool here:

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