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Photo Restore program to recover deleted photos


Cimaware Software

Images deleted from digital cameras are not removed from the memory card and in many cases they can be retrieved by undelete software. If you have accidentally deleted your photos it is possible to get them back!

DeleteFIX Photo is a photo restore utility designed to recover deleted photos from digital cameras. DeleteFIX Photos scans the camera's memory card for deleted images, quickly and safely recovers them and allows them to be viewed. The user can then select some or all of the photos to be saved to his or her computer.

The DeleteFIX Photo restore software will also recover images deleted by human error or in any situation in which you cannot access your photos. The recovery process is incredibly easy even for the novice user. Simply download and install DeleteFIX Photo and connect your camera to your computer. On-screen instructions will guide you through the entire recovery process. The intuitive user interface allows you to move about the program with no trouble at all.

The DeleteFIX Photo restore software has a completely automated purchasing process. Orders can be placed at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. Once an order is placed the user will receive within 10 minutes the instructions for downloading the fully functional program.

A demo edition of the DeleteFIX Photo restore utility is available. The demo allows the user to fully evaluate the program's recovery capabilites. The demo edition will recover, preview and save the recovered photos to a PC although these photos will be partially covered by a watermark. The demo edition can be easily registered into the full edition of DeleteFIX Photo by placing an order for the product.

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