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OutlookFIX 2, Outlook Repair Released


Cimaware Software

MADRID, Spain, April 19th, 2006 -- Cimaware Software ( releases today the second generation of its Outlook repair software. This utility is designed for the recovery of corrupt PST Outlook files; the recovery of deleted Outlook emails, attachments, notes and the rest of Outlook components, and the reduction of PST file size, solving the common 2 Gb file size problem.

The Outlook recovery process is faster in this second major edition, but speed is not the only improvement. A new technical approach to reading the damaged or erased PST file, allows OutlookFIX to recover information that previously was considered unrecoverable by any application of its kind. Also OutlookFIX is now the only Outlook email recovery Software in the market that restores Outlook tasks, calendars, and post-its.

OutlookFIX can be purchased separately or together with OfficeFIX, which includes AccessFIX, an Access recovery program, ExcelFIX, for Excel file repair, and WordFIX that restores Word documents.

"We feel so strongly about the quality and the capabilities of this new edition that we actually want people to compare its results with other products out there. The difference is amazing." said Sergio Nadal, Cimaware Software Project Engineer.

Founded in 1985, Spain-based Cimaware Software has oriented its efforts towards the Microsoft Office file recovery market since 1998. The company has been successful in helping companies restore their valuable data in a number of industries. Their customers include Microsoft, Sony Pictures, Continental Airlines, and General Motors.

Cimaware Software continues to grow creating new Software applications. Future projects include backup programs, and more data recovery applications for a large range of programs.

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