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OfficeFIX 6.28 Released July 17th, 2008


Cimaware Software

Includes improvements and changes in the Access recovery program, AccessFIX.

Latest release: OfficeFIX 6.28

Date: July 17th, 2008.

Version Changes in all programs:


Before shortcuts to all programs were created in the desktop. Now the installation creates only one shortcut for all programs.

Version Changes in AccessFIX:

  • Minor bug fixed. In the structure file selection screen the selection did not work if you clicked on the icons instead of the text.
  • Structure file correction. When a file was recovered with the "structure file" option the recovery only worked if the structure file was identical to the tables placed in the same space.
  • Files with damaged headers. When a file's first bytes were damaged AccessFIX wasn't able to determine if the file had an old or new format and the file could not be recovered. Now it scans the file to determine the version and allows the recovery of this type of files.
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