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Microsoft releases new Toolkit for reusing SharePoint portlets


Cimaware Software

Microsoft released a tool that allows users to reuse mini-applications from SharePoint-based portals on rival portal software that otherway wouldn't be interoperable with SharePoint.

The Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) Toolkit for SharePoint provides sample code for producing WSRP-conformant data from SharePoint lists and libraries.
Sharepoint is Microsoft's utility for building Intranet sites and collaboration portals. WSRP allows developers to reuse portlets from one portal to another. Portlets are visual mini-applications that expose one or more functionalities on a portal or allow a portal to perform more complex tasks, such as connecting to a reservation system or retrieving invoices.
Some Java-based portals include the ability to consume WSRP code. By using the new tool, developers can now produce SharePoint data and portlets natively on portal from other vendors. This makes it easier for developers to build portal applications across heterogeneous software insfrastructure.
SharePoint already ships with a WSRP consumer that lets developers consume WSRP code from other portals for use on SharePoint portals.

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