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Live Support Software for Success on the Internet


Cimaware Software

If you happen to be a seasoned Internet entrepreneur who knows all about auto responders, split testing and open source CRM and someone asked you to put together a generic list of ten killer Internet applications, chances are high that you would put live support software on that list. Your reasons could be several one of which we believe surely helps live support and live chat to cross the finish line ahead of others.

The Anonymity of Live Support Software

The reason why live chat is perceived as a modern-day customer communication and customer satisfaction marvel that scores over the telephone is because customers are able to preserve their privacy when using live chat software on a website. Granted, there is IP tracking which tells you volumes about your online chat customers but it isn’t the same as caller ID.

Chat customers have mentioned frequently in surveys that they like the anonymity of live chat software since it helps them to communicate more frankly and openly without any inhibitions. All the customer needs to do in order to cue up for a chat interaction with a chat operator is simply enter a first name and an email address which hardly compromises one’s privacy. And yet the level of customer service live chat can deliver is unparalleled. The reasons why customers tend to prefer the anonymity of live chat could be as varied as the type of online customers that visit your website.

Some may choose not to reveal their ethnic identity for whatever reason while others may not want to disclose their gender. Yet others may believe that anonymity may help them obtain a slightly brighter shade of customer service. So why not consider implementing live chat support on your website the next time you have an opportunity to do so. Live support software Is known to increase conversions, improve ROI and provide a higher level of customer engagement so that customers have a real good reason to come back to shop and ask for more. For more information about live support software visit

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