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How to recover Outlook and recover email corrupt data


Cimaware Software

OutlookFIX is designed to recover emails from Microsoft Outlook pst files. Microsoft Outlook is a part of the MS Office suite and is one of the most popular mail clients in the world.

The MS Outlook mail client stores data such as: mails contacts, mails messages, meetings, tasks, notes and all types of calendar data in files with the .pst extension.

Recovering Outlook deleted items comes down to a few simple steps. OutlookFIX will read the Outlook corrupt pst file, identify and recover email data from the pst file and save the recovered data to a new Outlook file.

Microsoft Outlook limits the size of .pst files to 2GB. If a new or changed item increases the size over than limit, you will not be able to use the .pst file. OutlookFIX will recover Outlook for pst files that have reached the 2GB limit. The program allows you to split up the pst file in several smaller files without loosing any of your data.

We offer you a free demo version of this Outlook recovery tool so you can try before you buy. Download free demo here .

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