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Digital cameras are instant gratification. You can point, shoot and in seconds view your photos and share them with others. No time or money is lost on bad photos as they are easily made history by a touch of the delete button. But what happens when you accidentally erase a treasured photo (or many treasured photos)? Are they gone forever?

The good news is that images deleted from a digital camera are not necessarily removed from the memory card. DeleteFIX Photo restore software is specially designed to scan the camera s memory card, locate the deleted photo files and save them to your computer. The software is an easy download and is available 24 hours, 7 days a week via electronic delivery over our secure order site.

DeleteFIX Photo restore software is also available in a free downloadable demo edition. The program demo will allow you to recover, view and save your deleted photos to your computer so that you can properly evaluate the program. The photos that are recovered by the demo edition of DeleteFIX Photo will contain a watermark. The demo edition of DeleteFIX Photo can easily be registered into the full edition by placing an order for the software. Within minutes of placing the order you will receive an email containing the activation key needed to register the software.

DeleteFIX Photo restore software also recovers images deleted from a digital camera due to human error. The most common causes for deletion due to user error are turning your digital camera off during the write process or pulling out the card while the camera is still on. DeleteFIX Photo will also recover images deleted due to the accidental reformatting of the camera's memory card.

Don't panic if you've deleted your favorite photos, with DeleteFIX Photo their full recovery is just a few clicks away.

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