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Cimaware Software Releases OfficeFIX 6, Sixth Generation MS Office File Recovery Suite


Cimaware Software

MADRID, Spain, August 2nd, 2007- Cimaware Software has released the latest major update of the corrupt MS Office file recovery suite, OfficeFIX 6. Included in the update is the new WordFIX 5, which has a completely new recovery engine that now recovers a much wider range of document corruptions. OfficeFIX 6 also includes recovery engine improvements, bug corrections and user interface enhancements in AccessFIX, ExcelFIX and OutlookFIX.

The release of OfficeFIX 6 follows the recent repackaging of the program suite. OfficeFIX can now be purchased in a complete edition, containing all four programs, or as a combination of any three programs.

"Together with the program improvements included in OfficeFIX 6 and the flexible packaging, we are confident that we are offering the best file recovery software suite available on the market." said Sergio Nadal, Cimaware Software Project Engineer.

Based in Madrid Spain, Cimaware Software has been developing MS Office file recovery programs since 2000. The newest product, DeleteFIX Photo for the recovery of deleted digital photos, is expected to be released in September 2007.

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