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Cimaware Software Releases AccessFIX 5 for the Recovery of Damaged Access Database files


Cimaware Software

MADRID, Spain, May 9th, 2006 – The latest update of Cimaware Software’s Access database recovery program, AccessFIX 5, was released today. This program is designed to extract the structure and the tables' contents from damaged MDB and MDE Access database files. This major update includes new features such as the recovery of macros, modules, forms, reports, and all types of fields, including autonumeric, replica ID, and decimal fields. AccessFIX 5 now also repairs indexes as well as relations and queries. Another major improvement is an increase in the speed of the recovery. Database files are now recovered as much as 20 times faster than with previous versions of the program, including highly damaged files. The recovery engine also restores more extremely damaged tables in situations where previously there had been no possible recovery solution available. The replacement file feature has been perfected increasing the chances for a perfect recovery of any damaged Access database. The repaired file is now always saved in the same original version and is not saved in CSV format.

AccessFIX can be purchased as a stand-alone application or together with OfficeFIX, which also includes ExcelFIX, for Excel file recovery, WordFIX that restores Word documents, and OutlookFIX for Outlook repair and undelete. All of Cimaware Software’s products are available online in free demo download versions.

"We have increased the inherent value of AccessFIX by adding advanced features that allow the software to render perfect database files free of errors and corruptions." said David Cimadevilla, Cimaware Software Chief Engineer.

Orienting its efforts towards the data recovery market, Spain-based Cimaware Software has been successful in helping companies recover their valuable data in almost every industry. Among their customers there are some of the largest corporations in the world including Microsoft, Sony Pictures, Continental Airlines, and General Motors.

Cimaware Software continues its growth with the creation of new Software products. Future projects include backup programs, and more data recovery applications.

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