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Absolutely Fabulous Email Signatures Made Simple


Kristie Tamsevicius

How would you like a tireless salesperson working 24/7 to promote your business? An email signature does just that, yet people often fail to add a signature to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

What is it

So what is an email signature you ask? An email signature is like a mini ad that is attached to the bottom of an email. Its message could be as simple as your name and email, or as elaborate as a flashing animated gif. And with a just few mouse clicks, you can add your signature to the bottom of your emails automatically. To sum it up, an email signature is a FREE MARKETING tool, with the power to reach MILLIONS about how your products could BENEFIT them. Like to know more? I thought so!

What the heck do you put in an email signature?

Start off by thinking about what you want to tell people about yourself and your business. To gather some ideas, look in your email in box to see the various email signatures you’ve been sent. Are there any that caught your eye? What did you like about them? Ready to write your email signature but got writer’s block?

Here are a few suggestions to get you started

  • Name
  • Title
  • URL
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Teasers about hot product specials
  • Mini bio about yourself
  • Moniker
  • How to subscribe to your newsletter

Here’s mine to give you some ideas:

Kristie Tamsevicius "The Small Business Specialist"
Email: [email protected]

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Spice it up!

Now that you’ve got the basic info you want to include,
make it attractive. Using CAPITAL letters can really
make certain words pop out at the reader.
Borders can place a nice frame around your signature.
Here’s a few you could try:









Use lines breaks and white space to make it easy on the eye. Stay fresh, by changing your email signature around now and then. You can include special season’s greetings, promotions, or contest information. This will keep your email recipients "checking you out".

How to set it up

Here are step by step instructions for how to setup an email signature in Outlook and Outlook Express.

Outlook setup

To setup your email signature in OUTLOOK do the following:

  • Tools, Options, Click on the Mail Format tab
  • At the bottom where it says Signature, click on the button that says "Signature Picker"
  • Hit New
  • Enter the name of your signature (your business name is good to use)
  • Choose start with a blank signature
  • Hit Next
  • Type your signature text in the box.
  • Use the font button to change font, color, etc.
  • Hit the finish button when you are done
  • Hit ok
  • Where it says "Use this signature by default" make sure that the name of the signature you just created is selected
  • Hit ok
  • New create a new mail message and give it a test!
  • After seeing it, you may want to go tweak till you get it just right.

Outlook express setup

To setup your email signature in OUTLOOK EXPRESS do the following:

  • Tools, Options, Click on the Signatures tab,
  • Signatures #1 Default Signature
  • Edit Signature
  • Type your signature in here, as you would like it to appear. (TIP - Type it up in notepad, as you would like it, then copy and paste)
  • Hit OK
  • Hit New Mail to view your signature.

Dress your emails today

So take 10 minutes today to don your emails with a KILLER email signature to promote your business. Then EVERY EMAIL you send can be a SALES message in disguise driving valuable traffic to your website. Email signatures are one MUST HAVE business accessory. Don’t be caught without one!

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