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7 More things you should know about Microsoft Word


Mike Seddon

Following on from my successful article "7 Top tips for Microsoft Word", here are 7 more really useful tips. Don’t work harder, work smarter!

  1. Moving icons around the toolbars

    To move icons around the toolbars, simply hold the Alt key down, move the cursor over the icon you want to move and press the left mouse button. Now drag the icon to where you want it on your toolbar and release the mouse button. The icon will drop into its new place.

    Also if you want to remove icons from your toolbars, simply do the above to pick up the icon and this time move the cursor over your document before you release your mouse button.

  2. Moving quickly between documents

    This is a very simple and extremely useful tip. If you want to quickly move between open Word documents simply hold down the Alt key and press F6.

  3. Stop autocompleting dates

    Do you find that you try to type 2006 only to find that Word tries to replace it with 2006-08-18? If so you have autocomplete switched on. To turn it off, go to the Tools toolbar. Select AutoCorrect options. Then select the tab AutoText and uncheck the box Show AutoComplete suggestions.

  4. Stop updating the date.

    Do you find that your date fields keep updating to today’s date every time you open your document? To stop this happening you need to switch of the auto update option when inserting date fields. Go to the Date and Time... option on your Insert toolbar. On the Date and Time screen uncheck the Update Automatically box.

  5. Select text with your mouse.

    To select text in your document using just your mouse, try some of the following:
    To select a word, double click on the word.
    To select a line of text, click in the left hand margin next to the sentence you want.
    To select a paragraph, click three times on the paragraph or twice in the left hand margin next to the paragraph you want.
    To select a sentence, hold down the CTRL button and click anywhere on the sentence.
    To select your entire document, click three times in the left hand margin.

  6. Avoid Table trouble over page breaks.

    These two tips are invaluable if you are trying to deal with a table which stretches over a page break.
    If you do not want a cell in your table to run over a page break, simply adjust your cell properties. To do this, right click on the cell and choose Table Properties. Now select the Row tab and uncheck the option "Allow row to break across pages".

    If you want the Header row to repeat at the top of each new page then select your Header row, right click and choose Table Properties. Select the Row tab and check the option "Repeat as Header row at the top of each page".

  7. Two tables side by side

    To place two tables side by side in your document, follow these simple steps.
    First create your tables, one above the other.
    Then reduce the width of both tables so that the width of each one is less than half the page width.
    Now select both tables, click on the Columns button on your Word toolbar and select 2 Columns

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