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New in this DeleteFIX Photo version

DeleteFIX photo recovery software introduces important technical innovations. The new CSDF (Cimaware Software Development Framework) is a powerful tool that has allowed us to use and apply programming standards that are rarely found in other applications:

  • Concurrent programming. This advanced programming technique is rarely seen in other applications as it is extremely difficult to implement. The success in applying concurrent programming in the development of DeleteFIX Photo recovery software results in a user interface that never freezes up, as well as allows for multiple tasks to be performed at the same time. In the case of DeleteFIX Photo it allows the user to view and save photos while the program continues to undelete. You do not have to wait until the process is finished to start saving your recovered pictures. This features makes DeleteFIX Photo the fastest and the most time-efficient tool available to recover photos.
  • Usability has always been an important factor in all our software designs. DeleteFIX Photo continues this tradition adding strict ISO-9001 usability standards that guarantee a final user interface that is easy to use and understand for all users. DeleteFIX Photo makes it simple to undelete photos.
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