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Here are some of the comments we have received from our customers. If you would like to send us your feedback please go to our contact page and send us your testimonials.

Many thanks, I am extremely grateful. Have just purchased and run the program. I must say I am really impressed because I’ve tried these others:

32fsu32.exe, aer.exe, ExcelRecoveryToolboxSetup.exe, Nucleus-Kernel-Excel.exe, RecoveryFix-Excel-Demo.exe, RecoveryToolboxForExcelInstall.exe, RepairMyExcel-Setup.exe, ser.exe and xr-5.0.12746-demo.exe.

They are mostly a waste of time and Cimaware’s Excelfix is by far the best product. I am hugely relieved at being able to recover my file as right now it is very important.

Really pleased with the result! Thank you so much for your assistance.

Paul Jordan

I just purchased your software and used it to recover deleted records in Access. Brilliant. Thanks. Got me out of a problem.

Robert Johnston
Enterprise Stationery Ltd

The installation of AccessFix worked perfectly, thanks very much for your help. I can't count how much time, effort and money this marvellous tool has saved me. Each time I use it, it does in seconds what would take hours 'by hand'. Worth every penny. Brilliant.

Stephanie Hollingsworth
Ludique Limited

I tried this and was successful. Thanks for your response. We've come to rely on ExcelFIX, as I'm certain others have. Thanks again.

M. Hulderman, LAN Services Manager
Paramount Pictures

Our subscriber list, written in Access, crashed and would not open. "This database is in an unexpected state; Microsoft Access can't open it" was the message I received. I tried all the available fixes I could find through online forums, Microsoft, etc. A "consultant" wanted a $300 deposit just to begin working on our corrupted database. Then I found your software through a Google search. Your software repaired the file in less than ten minutes. I wish I had found you guys sooner -- I lost a lot of sleep over this one! Thank you soooo much. Sincerely,

Scott Harn, Editor/Publisher
ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal

I would like to send a testimonial. My company develops Access applications and sometimes a customer can have a corrupted database (due to network failures). In many cases it's possible to fix it with MS-Access Compact/Repair utility (on Tools menu) or with MS-JetComp (a free utility available from Microsoft). In other cases, however, we face a more severe database corruption. For this situations, Cimaware's AccessFIX" has been able to recover the entire database (records, tables, indexes and relationships). It's a must-have tool. We also needed once the Sales Support, who answered by phone (international) in five minutes and solved the problem.

Luiz Claudio Cosenza Vieira da Rocha
Microsoft MVP - Office System IT Lab

Thanks for your help. Your program is truly a miracle. I cannot thank the creators enough. They have saved me weeks worth or work, and the program could not be easier to use. My best to you all.

Dan Raemaeker
American Pipe & Supply

I am extremely happy with my first technical support experience and I am happy that Cimaware software has such diligent and knowledgeable people behind their software. The process of moving the activation to another machine went smoothly and quickly. It is always comforting to know that there are smart and helpful people behind the software you use.

Waleed Ghulam Al-Baloushi - Database Administrator
Association for Behavior Analysis International

... A first inspection showed all forms including my latest changes. Thank you very much for the good job you did on our broken databases. I am 100% satisfied!

D. Migowski

Cool! Worked perfectly. I appreciate the ease and elegance of your system for installation and licensing. Thanks!!!!

J. Wilson, IT Manager
Clark, Richardson & Biskup Consulting Engineers

When you develop a great product like this and only charge what you charge you truly understand the need for the product while considering small business budget limitations. Next to MS Windows & MS Office, this may be the greatest applications I have ever used.

S. Hirsh
Coordinated Care

Thank you for developing such a great product. Our database was completely corrupted and would shut down Access every time we tried to repair it. I ran your program once and it recovered the entire file with the exception of a single corrupted record. You saved us an entire morning's worth of work.

T. Greyhavens

Thank you so much for recovering my excel spreadsheet!!! Your company is truly amazing. Not only did you do a terrific job recovering my corrupted file, but you did it much faster than I ever expected. It is rare that a company exceeds expectations. That was the best money I EVER spent on software!

T. Orifici
Fairfield Mint

Thank you!!! Having tried every trick I know (plus a few that I didn't!), and used all of the normal data recovery tools to fix a totally corrupted database without ANY success at all, AccessFIX was the only tool that managed to recover any of the very important data (...) This is not only impressive, it's astounding! AccessFIX rightly deserves praise (...). AccessFIX recovered 16 tables where the table definitions were lost - incredible! Thank you once again. Recovering the days work of 22 industrious people is no mean feat. Thank you!

D. Lambert
DRL Development

I just would like to thank you for the easy-fast and reliable ordering system. In just few seconds I solved my corrupted file.Thank you again.

Maghed Rizk, Project Control Manager
Alcatel-Egypt Branch

Thank you for great customer service. I have been very impressed by your ExcelFIX program...It has saved me time and a few gray hairs!! Thanks again.

S. Anderson

Thank you very much for your kind assistance. It is good to know that although we are thousands of miles apart, one can still rely on real human beings in desperate times! Greetings from Johannesburg!

M. Engelbrecht, Manager
National Activations & New business Vodacom

Thank you so very much. Your product is amazing and it worked like a charm. Out of all of the demo software I downloaded; your software is the only one that was able to extract the text out of my corrupt document. I give it four stars and 2 thumbs way way up.

Nate Troyer

Just wanted to give you some feedback. We managed to repair our corrupt Database and didn’t lose any Data. Thanks a million for your help, and for your great software J. Enjoy the rest of your week. Regards ..

Bodo Cruys, Software Developer
BCX Namibia

Thank you very much! I had to take a moment more of your time to say thank you. I manage a national consumer financial firm and we attempt to provide outstanding customer service. I am typically disappointed by other vendors with inferior service that I have become accustomed to. You read my email. You understood it, since you replied as I asked you to. You responded completely and offered additional information. Im not kidding, thank you for your intelligent, courteous and prompt response. If you have superiors, please forward this commendation of your personal and your firms outstanding customer service.

I. Deters, President
Managed-Money Corporation

Thank-you. In this day and age it is refreshing to see great customer support like this. Thanks again.

D.Moser - U.S.

Thanks for all suggestions. We tried different computers, platforms, programs, names, Data Recovery Lab etc. Nothing would open the corrupted file. Purchased ExcelFIX and quickly restored the files.

K. Nielson - U.S.

Thank you for your excellent support. The upgrade worked!!!

M. Bouliane - U.S.

Searched high and low and tried many solutions, this one was the only one that worked 100%. Also customer service was fantastic. Awesome product and customer service. I know where to come to next time. Thank you.

Russell Davis - U.K.

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