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Cimaware Software is a privately held firm based in Madrid, Spain that develops data recovery utilities for businesses and individuals. Since the release of the OfficeFIX product line in 1999, Cimaware Software has become a leading provider of Microsoft® Office file recovery utilities and has sold its software to some of the largest businesses in the world. In 2007 we released DeleteFIX Photo, a software for the recovery of deleted photos and videos. Cimaware Software's success is rooted in its commitment to creating quality programs and providing clients with superior customer service.

The OfficeFIX line of Products

Released in 1999, ExcelFIX was the first of the OfficeFIX programs. ExcelFIX quickly became the most prestigious and awarded Excel file recovery utility available on the market, and the only Office file recovery program to be awarded the Ziff Davis Media Inc.´s Editors' Pick Five-Star Award. The phenomenal success of ExcelFIX inspired Cimaware Software to develop a complete Office file recovery suite to provide clients with the best protection against file corruption. Both AccessFIX and WordFIX were released in 2002 and OutlookFIX followed in 2006. OfficeFIX is currently the most widely sold and affordable file recovery suite available. The OfficeFIX programs can be purchased as stand alone utilities, as a complete suite or in three program combo suites. All programs are available in a free demo edition so that they can be evaluated before purchase. The programs are delivered electronically through an automated order system to ensure the fasted possible file recovery. All programs come with one year of free updates.

DeleteFIX Photo

The latest Cimaware Software release is DeleteFIX Photo, a program that easily restores deleted photos and videos from almost all digital cameras also recovering from other media including memory cards, hard drives, USB devices, pen drives and removable devices. We followed ISO 9001 requirements in the development of this software, insuring a final product of quality. DeleteFIX Photo distinguishes itself from the rest by providing the greatest quality, usability and Cimaware Software's product guarantee.

What the future holds

In the past nine years Cimaware Software has experienced record growth and income. The company continues to expand by developing new software applications and services in a variety of fields, including undelete programs, back-up utilities and web site applications. "As Cimaware software grows we will continue providing easy to use recovery Software such as a new photo recovery and undelete utility (released in October 2007), as well as new solutions for businesses world-wide. Our goal is to maintain the respect we have achieved by the quality of our software and personalized customer and technical support," says David Cimadevilla, Cimaware Software CEO.

Strategic partners

To better serve customers, Cimaware Software has developed strategic partnerships with resellers and affiliates across the globe. If you wish to order Cimaware Software products through a reseller please contact us directly or ask your preferred software reseller to contact us.

Development Partner

Development partners are companies that work with us to create innovative software products. WordFIX was developed in association with Softpalm Corporation. Softpalm Corporation is a privately held company founded in 1999 and based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Softpalm develops commercial software applications for a variety of system platforms, and provides custom software development and technical consulting services. Softpalm has provided technical consulting services to companies such as Protexis Inc., Paradata Systems Inc., Airtel Móvil S.A., and eresMas Interactiva S.A.

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