New in this version - AccessFIX

AccessFIX 5 contains a more powerful and dynamic recovery engine that repairs even the most damaged databases.

The new recovery features include:

  • An undelete function has been added.
  • A new recovery engine that repairs more tables in database files that are extremely damaged. Where there was no solution prior to this release, now severely damaged Access files can be restored.
  • Increased recovery speed for even the largest and most damaged files.
  • Macros are now recovered.
  • Modules are now recovered.
  • Forms are now recovered.
  • Reports are now recovered.
  • Now all types of fields, including autonumeric, replica ID and high precision numbers (Decimal), are restored.
  • Indexes are now recovered.
  • Relations are now recovered.
  • Queries are now recovered.
  • The replacement file feature has been improved.
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